Facebook Group For Hyde Attack Teens

Overnight 45 thousand people have joined a Facebook group trying to catch the gang who attacked the Hyde Teenagers

17 year old Daniel Stringer-Prince, was assaulted by a group of young Asian men on Market Street on Saturday night.

He was kicked, punched and left with a broken eye socket and a fractured skull and his friend was punched in the face.

His best friend Kavan brown also suffered minor injuries. Greater Manchester Police have arrested a 17-year-old boy on suspicion of assault.

A 21-year-old man who was arrested on Monday evening remains in custody.

On the group, hundreds left messages. Emma Lewsey wrote  'Its terrible, and shocking and frightening to think that this can happen to anyone at anytime. i remember getting a call one night to say that my brother had been beaten up and was in the hospital. thankfully he was ok! but that feeling you get when you are told something like that will, never go away!!' 

Suzanne Snowden said,  'so so sad - poor guy. who could do such a thing to anyone? Such a sad reflection on society and I do hope they get caught and that he recovers both physically and mentally from thisterrible beating xxxxx' 

Vanessa Ellis says  'My heart goes out to Daniel and his family. We live in a country were the young have little or no respect, and behave like cowards.'