Ex Manchester police officer jailed for on duty sex

8 February 2011, 11:58 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

An ex Greater Manchester Police officer who had sex with a woman while on duty has been jailed.

Michael Fletcher from Stacksteads in Bacup pleaded guilty to two counts of misconduct in a public office at an earlier hearing and has today been sentenced to 32 months in prison at Minshull Street Crown Court.

On 21 July 2010, Greater Manchester Police's Professional Standards Branch launched an investigation after reports Mr Fletcher had attended a "concern for welfare" call in Littleborough and had sex with a vulnerable woman while on duty.

He returned to the house later that evening, this time when off-duty, and again had sex with her.

PC Fletcher was arrested on 21st July 2010. He was bailed and suspended from duty. On 26th July 2010, he resigned from the Force.

Chief Constable Peter Fahy said: "As soon as this was reported we took swift and decisive action, started an investigation and immediately suspended the officer from duty.

"Because we dealt with this so robustly, the officer had no choice but to resign and due to the evidence presented before him he also pleaded guilty to the offences.

"No one is above the law, and officers who commit crimes will, quite rightly, be treated exactly the same way as everyone else.  Both Greater Manchester Police and the public expect high standards from its police officers, whether on or off-duty, and any evidence of criminality or misconduct will be dealt with.

"Fletcher was sent to help this woman, ensure she was safe and arrange appropriate support from other agencies. Fletcher abused his position and disgracefully took advantage of the situation. Such behaviour within Greater Manchester Police will not be tolerated.

"What this officer did has a huge impact on how the public view the police and the hard work and dedication of the majority of officers has now been undermined by his disgraceful and appalling behaviour."