Cannabis Farm Found Near Manchester Police Station.

A cannabis farm with plants worth around a hundred thousand pounds have been uncovered in a disused multi-storey warehouse in Manchester city centre.

Firehighters found them on Wednesday after being called out to a blaze at the building on Peter Street which is 40 yards away from Bootle Street station. 

It is thought the fire may have been started by an electrical short circuit which affected lighting used to grow the plants.Fire at Peter St Manchester cannabis found

Chief Inspector Sarah Jones, of Greater Manchester Police, said: ``The farm was on an upper floor of a multi-storey building. There was no noticeable smell emitted that any officer walking past would have detected.

``In addition, the size of the building means that even if we had employed any of the tactics we use to try and identify farms these would in all likelihood not have been effective.

``In the last 12 months alone Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has extinguished 10 blazes at premises where there has been a cannabis farm,'' she said.