Cannabis Factory Found In Oldham

27 June 2011, 09:40 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A cannabis factory worth nearly £40,000 has been found in Oldham.

Officers searched a flat on Rochdale Road in Coldhurst on Friday 24 June, inside they found 75 plants.

Nobody was found inside and officers are trying to trace those responsible for cultivating the drugs.

Sergeant Rob Howarth said:

'This was clearly a professionally run cannabis factory. Smaller plants were being carefully cultivated in a bathroom while there were purpose built growing tents set up for the larger plants.

'We also found growing mediums, fertiliser and nutrients along with electronic scales and drugs packaging.

'The electricity supply has been illegally tampered with and colleagues from United Utilities were called out to make the electricity supply safe.

'PCSOs in the area have dropped off leaflets and have been on hand to address any concerns, in an effort to inform and reassure the local community.

'It was evident that cannabis was being produced in this location from the smell and fumes from the address, which could be smelt at street level.

'The police on this occasion has acted swiftly in response, closing down this operation and taking potentially thousands of pounds of drugs out of circulation.

'Local residents should report any telltale signs of cannabis farms to police. These include obvious smells, houses with the curtains constantly closed, condensed windows and people coming in and out at unusual times of the day.

'We also want to advise landlords to make regular visits to their properties. In cases where tenants are cultivating cannabis, the landlord is often left out of pocket due to the damage offenders cause both to the property and the electricity supply.'