Bolton Murder Mums Family- "We Need Answers"

The family of murdered mum Sarah Melia have made an emotional appeal of the anniversary of her death.

Police are continuing to appeal for information on the fourth anniversary of the murder of a mum-of-two from Bolton.

34-year-old Sarah Melia was found dead by her 15-year-old daughter at her home on Catherine Street West in Horwich on Monday 14 January 2008.

The mum of two had been stabbed TEN times. The murder weapon was found on the roof of a house extension just 75 metres from her home.

Sarah's mum Marion Kitchen, said: "The pain of losing Sarah is the same today as it was on that dreadful day four years ago. There is a hole in our lives that nothing or anyone can heal. We as a family each have our own reasons why we miss Sarah but the one we have the same is we love her.

"She died in a horrific way in her own home and the two pieces missing in her life are who did this and why. Our appeal today is reaching out to you to help us find these answers. Can you help? However small the information may be please phone the police.

"We have been waiting every day for justice. Sarah deserves this, her family deserve this, especially her two children. She would be so proud of them carrying on with their lives. We get our strength from them to carry on with our lives. They are a credit to her.

"I really hope the person who caused Sarah's death is reading this. You are on borrowed time. In your heart you know what the right thing is to do. How can you carry on acting normal everyday with this secret inside you? Have some compassion for Sarah's children and give yourself up before the police knock on your door and believe me, one day they will."

Martin Bottomley, who heads up GMP's Cold Case Review Unit, said: "Four-years have passed since Sarah was brutally murdered and we remain determined to get justice for her and her family.

"As a force we constantly review unsolved murders and will always act on new information in our attempts to ensure justice is done and offenders brought before the courts, no matter how long it is since they committed their offence.

"I believe there are people who will either know who killed Sarah, or have their suspicions and I would appeal to them to contact us. Perhaps the killer has confided in you or you have information that, up until now, you have not shared with the police - if so, now is the time to do the right thing."