4 Year Old Bury Boy With Cancer Has Dream Holiday Ruined

Burglars have shattered the dreams of a 4-year-old boy from Bury who has a rare form of cancer.

Thieves have broken into the home of a four-year-old cancer sufferer in Bury and stolen his spending money for a dream holiday.

The boy and his family were preparing to leave for Disneyland in Paris on a trip paid for by the Starlight Children's Foundation when the burglars struck.

It is thought the house may have been targeted after the boy, who has a rare muscle cancer, featured in a TV documentary.

Up to £20,000 worth of personal items were taken, including a bike, a TV, computer consoles and games, and jewellery.

The raiders also stole the family's Ford Fiesta from outside their home in Spenser Avenue and later abandoned the burnt-out vehicle.

The foundation had given the family - who do not wish to be named - the flight tickets in a presentation box along with some spending money, which was also taken.

The intruders used a ladder from an outbuilding to break in through an upstairs window.

Superintendent Mark Granby said: "What this family has been through is absolutely heartbreaking.

"The holiday had been paid for by the Starlight Children's Foundation and was to be the little boy's dream holiday.

"While they are still able to go away, their spending money has been taken away from him by some cruel and heartless thieves.''