Fast-Food Robber Jailed

7 January 2019, 16:07 | Updated: 7 January 2019, 16:16

Police pic of Raymond Wright

47 year old Raymond Wright pleaded guilty to two robberies in Merseyside, one in Manchester and one in Warrington, and one aggravated burglary in Haydock in September 2018.

He was sentenced to 14 years in custody.

The charges followed a number of incidents in the St Helens, Warrington and Manchester areas:

  • A robbery at McDonalds, on Chalon Way West, St Helens at about 2.55am on 6 September when two male offenders entered demanding money, and leaving with a quantity of cash
  • A robbery at KFC, Watts Clift Way, St Helens at around 11.50pm on 1 September when an offender demanded cash from a member of staff before leaving with the cash
  • An attempted robbery at Burger King, Burtonwood, Winwick Road at around 11pm on 1 September when an offender entered but nothing was taken
  • An aggravated burglary at Greenwell Street, Haydock on 5 September
  • A robbery at McDonalds in Pendlebury in Manchester on 8 September

Detective Constable Rory Quigley said: "Robberies of this nature are far from victimless – in these incidents a number of members of staff were left extremely traumatised by the experience.

"The businesses targeted are staffed by local people who just want to earn a living and provide for their families, yet Wright thought nothing of threatening them and demanding cash. It can be difficult for staff who face such incidents to face going back in to work, as they fear it may happen again.

"We will not tolerate offenders who target local stores and create a climate of fear and intimidation and will use all the tools in our armoury to deter and prevent this type of crime and lock up those responsible.

"We welcome the fact that Wright will wake up tomorrow in jail and the residents and workers of the areas he targeted will be relieved to know that he will not be in any position to commit similar offences any time soon."

ATT: Merseyside Police