Let Lizzo Guide You To Being Your Happiest Self - From Body Positivity To Confidence Tips

8 July 2021, 17:42

Lizzo is a role model online for confidence, body positivity and wellbeing
Lizzo is everyone's fave role model online for confidence, body positivity and wellbeing. Picture: PA/Instagram
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Lizzo can be your guide to better wellbeing... she knows what she's talking about!

Not only is Lizzo an insanely talented musician but she's everybody's digital hype woman...

Whether it's through her discography, wise advice or empowering Tik Toks – there's some Lizzo-led guidance out there to help shape you into the happiest version of yourself.

The 'Good as Hell' songstress keeps it real on social media, and her confidence is contagious!

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Let Lizzo's online presence guide you to being your most confident, empowered and happy self!

Lizzo always keeps it real online
Lizzo always keeps it real online. Picture: Lizzo/Instagram

Lizzo's Tik Tok page is a goldmine of body-positivity

The 33-year-old rapper is the gift that keeps on giving, her Tik Tok profile is packed to the brim with motivating content!

We all have those days where we don't necessarily feel the most confident in ourselves, when you need a pick-me-up head over to the 'Truth Hurts' singer's page and let her infectious positivity inspire you!

She spoke candidly to her Tik Tok audience about her exercise regimen and how she will never do it in pursuit of validation from others...watch below!

In June, Lizzo embraced her figure in a string bikini and she made sure everyone knew how comfortable the get-up made her feel!

The star always highlights the importance of donning what makes you feel beautiful!

Lizzo reminds us all to be grateful for our bodies

The multi-instrumentalist has a habit that we should all include into our morning routines...

Lizzo looks into the mirror and tells herself positive affirmations, she posted the practice to her instagram.

She says to herself: “I love you so much. Thank you so much for keeping me happy and for keeping me alive.”

She reminds fans to stay positive on Instagram

Gratitude is something the singer practices a lot – and she urges fans to do the same!

She hosted an Instagram Live where she talks about counting her lucky stars, she said: "I am blessed.

"And I want you to know that you're blessed."

She continued with the positivity: "I want you to know that you woke up this morning... and thats a blessing!"

Lizzo shows you how to bounce back from criticism

The 'Soulmate' singer did not mince her words when she spoke about her career and body image.

Lizzo set an example for her fans when she stood up for herself and spoke her truth when the media made her figure a talking point.

She said: "The only person who needs to do better is you."

This pop sensation knows how to stick up for herself – and you should too!

Lizzo takes on topics of self-worth and confidence in 'My Skin'

The star took a moment to talk openly about the struggles women face in our society.

In a spoken-word piece in the intro of the track, 'My Skin', from her debut album 'Big Grrrl Small World' she got real with some powerful words:

"Learning to love yourself and like learning to love your body is like a whole journey that I feel like every person but more specifically, women, have to go through so I feel like doing this is a good way to kinda break through and kinda seal the last chapter of the "learning to love" and just loving..."

We're forever indebted to this powerhouse – she's making the industry a more inclusive and positive space, one post at a time!

What's one of favourite empowering moments from the star?

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