Trisha Paytas made $8000 from transgender video after saying it was demonetised

4 November 2019, 13:15

Trisha's ad revenue from her 'transgender' video was exposed by Ethan Klein on the H3 podcast.

In October, Trisha Paytas uploaded a video titled "I AM TRANSGENDER (FEMALE TO MALE)." In the 15 minute video, Trisha announced that she is "transgender female to male" but still identifies with her "natural born gender."

The video was met with both huge backlash from people saying she was exploiting the trans community for views and a more supportive stance from those who wanted to help educate Trisha on the incorrect terms and labels she used in the video.

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She posted several apology videos explaining further and later appeared on The Doctors where she spoke with psychotherapist Dr Mike Dow about how she feels.

During her appearance on TV, Trisha has been adamant that she wasn't making any money from the initial video and that it had been demonetised. However, in a new interview with Ethan and Hila Klein on the H3 podcast, Ethan exposed that Trisha had made $8000 in ad revenue from the video.

Trisha Paytas earned $8000 from her 'I AM TRANSGENDER' video
Trisha Paytas earned $8000 from her 'I AM TRANSGENDER' video. Picture: H3 Podcast via YouTube, Trisha Paytas via YouTube

One of the reasons that Trisha received backlash for her original transgender video was because people believed she was exploiting the trans community for clicks and ad revenue. The video currently has over 3 million views.

On the podcast, Trisha says that YouTube doesn't monetise any videos that talk about LGBTQ+ issues and that she demonetises all her scandal videos. She is also adamant that her transgender video was not monetised.

Ethan then pointed out that he was presented with two ads when he went to watch the video the day before they recorded the podcast.

Later in the video, Ethan makes Trisha download the YouTube Creator Studio app and check her analytics. Turns out, Trisha's video was monetised and she had made $8000 from it. Although she claims to have no idea how that happened.

Trisha Paytas Caught Lying About Monetizing Her Trans Video

"Now that you've made $8000 off this video, how do you feel?" he asked, later in the video. Trisha replied: "I mean, it's fine!"

"You've been going around saying in your defence and on television too that 'I don't make money from this' so why would I do it?" Ethan later pressed. "I just think that it kind of undermines that whole argument that you're doing this just to tell your story but clearly you made $8000 bucks from it."

Trisha didn't respond to that question directly but she maintained that she really didn't know that the video was monetised.