Trisha Paytas just revealed that she got married in Las Vegas

4 November 2019, 12:33

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Trisha hasn't revealed the identity of her partner but insists they are "well known".

Trisha Paytas is a married woman, apparently. The YouTuber got hitched on Friday (1 November) in a Las Vegas ceremony, only one week after announcing her engagement on YouTube.

Trisha confirmed her union in a series of photos posted on social media. First, she shared a photo of herself in a white dress on Twitter and captioned it: "Going to the chapel…" She also shared a photo from the back of a limo, captioned: "On my way to get married brb."

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Following the ceremony, Trisha posted an Instagram pic of herself kissing her partner in front of the Las Vegas chapel – making sure that she'd cropped them out.

Trisha Paytas' wedding.
Trisha Paytas' wedding. Picture: @trishapaytas via Instagram

Instead of the traditional reception, Trisha went and saw Criss Angel and uploaded a video of herself on stage with him. The famed magician even congratulated the "newly married" Celebrity Big Brother star in front of the audience.

Despite this all, no-one knows the identity of her new partner – or if they're even married at all. According to E! News, there's no marriage license registered with the Clark County Clerk's office under Trisha's name…

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Trisha teased that she would be dropping a new video on Tuesday (5 November), which might reveal the identity of her partner.

But fans already have their theories on who the lucky person could be if the wedding is in fact real.

Trisha did reveal a little bit about her partner's identity in her engagement video, titled "I'm getting MARRIED next week! (actually)". In the video, Trisha explained that her parter is a"well known" but "private person". She also showed off her ring and pulled out "receipts" to show that the wedding was 100% real.

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"I'm engaged and it all happened so quickly that we are actually getting married next Friday, November 1st," she said. "I'm getting married to someone and they are obviously a little more private. Um, as far as like they're known…they're well known. They're just a private person, even though they're like a public person, they're private if that makes sense."

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She added: "He fully supports me with [a site where Trisha sells her nude photos], I was doing some private Snapchat stuff earlier."

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