Taylor Swift private jet memes are sending the world into literal meltdown

1 August 2022, 12:38

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

New reports that Taylor Swift uses private jets more than any other celebrity have just inspired multiple hilarious memes about global warming.

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We all know that Taylor Swift's baby flies high like a jet stream but it turns out that the singer is also a prolific private jet user.

Over the past week, stars including the likes of Drake and Kylie Jenner have faced backlash for their private jet usage and its negative effects on climate change. On Friday (Jul 29), Yard published a new report ranking which celebrities have flown via private jet the most this year and calculated how much carbon dioxide they've released into the atmosphere in doing so.

However, it turns out that while Kylie and Drake both make the list, it's Taylor who comes out on top. According to the sustainability marketing firm, Swift's jet has been on 170 flights this year and spent 15.9 days in the air. They estimate that her flight emissions are 8,293.54 tonnes of carbon, which is over 1000 times the average person's annual emissions.

A spokesperson for Taylor Swift has since told Rolling Stone: "Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals. To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect." Nevertheless, the damage is done and has spawned thousands of tongue-in-cheek memes of people joking that Taylor doesn't care about climate change.

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Taylor Swift private jet memes are breaking the internet even faster than global warming
Taylor Swift private jet memes are breaking the internet even faster than global warming. Picture: Kevin Mazur/WireImage, RaptTV/Getty Images

The Taylor Swift private jet memes are each more stupid and hilarious than the next. As a result, we've scoured the internet and gathered together just a few of the funniest Taylor Swift private jet memes for you to laugh over as the world burns.

1) I'm just going to the store. Do you want anything?

2) It's all for a good cause.

3) It's true. No one else is responsible for climate change.

4) That was awkward.

5) I'm crying.

6) We only fly private for essentials.

7) What was that?

8) Volantis returns.

9) You get a nice breeze on the wing.

10) Carrying the weight of the music industry on her shoulders and those carbon emissions? Incredible.

11) Don't forget your shopping list!

12) Meredith will understand.

13) A prophet!

14) You know how music sounds better in a car? Try listening in a private jet.

15) True story.

16) Help!

17) She will be taking no further questions.

Taylor is yet to react to publicly any of the memes. We shall update you if she does.

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