Shane Dawson admits his career is "over"

8 February 2021, 12:11

Trisha Paytas calls out Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams following podcast

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"I know I'm just that crazy guy who buys weird toys."

Shane Dawson has admitted his career is "over" during a surprise appearance on his fiancé Ryland Adams' vlog.

In a video titled, "Extreme Hoarder Room Makeover!" the YouTuber was doing some interior shopping with Ryland, when he spotted a huge plastic red horse. "I know that I’m weird, and I know that my career’s over and I know I'm just that crazy guy who buys weird toys," Shane joked, trying to justify the purchase. (Spoiler alert: they bought the horse.)

In case you don't know, Shane has been virtually silent on social media following the backlash towards his problematic behaviour. In July 2020, Shane finally apologised for his old and offensive content, which included blackface, racism and gags about pedophilia. Shane now rarely posts on social media or YouTube.

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Shane Dawson admits his career is "over"
Shane Dawson admits his career is "over". Picture: Shane Dawson via YouTube, Ryland Adams via YouTube

Most recently, Shane was called out by his former best friend Trisha Paytas. Trisha exposed Jeffree Star and his friends for bullying her and Shane (who had been best friends with Trisha for 12 years) failed to defend her. There was a massive fall out and Shane stayed silent on that too. However, Ryland briefly addressed the argument on his podcast, The Sip, insisting he was baffled by Trisha slating them both.

Ryland's video is the first time Shane has been on YouTube in a while – and people weren't too happy to see him return. People took issue with Shane making light of being cancelled considering the things he had been pulled up on were justified. They also accused him of trying to gain sympathy from the public.

Shane Dawson YouTube Video
Shane Dawson YouTube Video. Picture: Ryland Adams via YouTube

One user commented: "Why is he acting like what he did was quirky and funny. He did some seriously fucked up stuff…" Another said: "This 'Poor Me' routine is getting tired."

And a third tweeted: "Not him still on the infantilisation train so that people feel sorry for him/feel like he’s 'relatable'. He’s literally learnt nothing." Yikes.

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