What does the Russian song on TikTok mean? Moreart's Я буду ебать lyrics translated in English

4 November 2021, 12:45

Holly Madison explains what Cheug Life means on TikTok

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

What do the 'Я буду ебать' lyrics mean in English? The explicit translation of Moreart's song is being shared by creators.

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Another day, another viral TikTok song... 'Я буду ебать' by Moreart feat. IHI is going viral on the app thanks to the #FoodDance sound – but the English translation of the song appears to be very explicit.

The song has been used multiple times TikTok user @JohnMcginnis36, who has racked up millions of views thanks to his videos where he pours hot sauce on to food, eats it and then dances to the beat.

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His top three pinned videos on his TikTok page have a combined 293 million views, and all use the same Russian song. Other verified creators have been jumping on the trend and recreating John's videos and dance routine. Even Lizzo has done it.

However, Russian TikTok users, and other people who speak Russian, have now revealed what the lyrics to the song actually mean and uhhhh, well... it's quite

What is the English translation of the Russian song on TikTok?

What do the 'я буду ебать' lyrics mean? The song's English translation revealed.

Well, just one simple trip to Google Translate will tell you what you need to know about the song's title. Loosely translated, 'я буду ебать' means 'I will f*ck'.

TikTokers have been sharing the translations of the song's lyrics, pointing out the explicit nature and problematic lyrics. The majority of translations also appear to agree that it's hard to translate the song clearly because it's mostly mumbled.

The most popular translation appears to be: "I will f*ck and sculpt the content / I will finish off, as if 'comeback'/ Bitch will understand my slang and style / I will f*ck like tenge dollars." (Tenge is the official currency of Kazakhstan).

The song lyrics, translated on cevirce.com, also appear to include the line: "And I work with my hands like a gynaecologist". There's also a reference to Donald Trump later on the song too: "I’m like Trump, Trump, Trump".

Can someone let steaming hot sauce TikTok king John know what it means please? Thanks.

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