The "Let Me Destroy You" Reality Check quiz is going viral on TikTok

17 February 2022, 09:25

Addison Rae reveals the truth in TikTok's '2 Truths And A Lie' challenge

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Raise your hands if you have been personality victimised by this quiz.

Everyone loves a good viral quiz, right? Well, it's great news for those of you who said yes because the good people of TikTok have brought another one to our attention.

The "let me f*cking destroy you by giving you a reality check" quiz on – or the Reality Check Personality Quiz for short – is going viral because of the absolutely savage results it's giving users after they answer all the questions.

The quiz was made by uquiz user 'tiredluvs' and the results, as it says on the quiz description, are not to be taken seriously at all. Despite the hilarious harsh truths it dishes out at the end, people are sharing their answers with their followers.


TikTok: The Reality Check personality quiz is going viral
TikTok: The Reality Check personality quiz is going viral. Picture:, E!

The quiz features 11 random questions and the results include answers like "You're a whiny little bitch and you just need to shut the f*ck up" alongside a lengthy description. For what it's worth, I also took the quiz and got "ur head is way too far up your ass" which is... so amazing. Thank you x

Users are sharing their results on TikTok alongside the "Let's see what I got guys! Period!" sound – and someone of them are just absolutely savage.

There's also another brutally honest quiz making its way around social media too, although it's a bit less harsh than the Reality Check quiz. Play the "let me psychoanalyze you but also be nice" quiz here.

If you're in the mood to take a viral TikTok quiz, but don't wanna be roasted by the Reality Check, then there's plenty more *nice* quizzes to play.

Earlier this month, this detailed colour personality test went viral on the platform, and it tells you exactly what colour you are. There's also a personality quiz that tells you which TV characters you're most like according to your answers.

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