Is Megan Is Missing real? The true story behind the horror movie going viral on TikTok

17 November 2020, 13:23

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Is Megan Is Missing real? Here's everything you need to know about the horror movie going viral on TikTok…

So, you've probably seen that controversial horror movie Megan is Missing is going viral on TikTok right now. Megan is Missing was actually filmed in 2006, but it didn't find distribution until 2011, when it was given a limited release. TikTok users have only just discovered the "traumatising" film, though, and now they're filming their horrified reactions to it.

The movie follows the story of teens Megan Stewart (Rachel Quinn) and her best friend Amy Herman (Amber Perkins). Megan, 14, meets a man called Josh online and after agreeing to go on a date with him she goes missing, which leaves Amy with the task of having to find out what happened to her.

The movie (which was written in 10 days and shot over the course of a week) has been slammed for sexualising the young girls, the poor acting and the use of graphic violence. It was even banned in New Zealand, with the country's Office of Film and Literature Classification stating: "The feature depicts sexual violence and sexual conduct involving young people to such an extent and degree, and in such a manner, that the availability of the publication is likely to be injurious to the public good."

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The Megan Is Missing hashtag currently has almost 110 million views and a number of TikTok users have shared their reactions to the graphic movie 30 minutes in, then one hour, and after it ends, with most ending up petrified. Others have urged people not to watch the movie.

On Sunday (Nov 15), the film's writer and director, Michael Goi, issued a warning after seeing the sudden surge in popularity of the movie. Speaking on TikTok, he said: "I got a text from Amber Perkins, the lead actress in my movie, that it was exploding on TikTok at the moment. I didn’t get to give you the customary warnings that I used to give people before they watched Megan is Missing, which are: do not watch the movie in the middle of the night, do not watch the movie alone, and if you see the words 'photo number one' pop up on your screen, you have about four seconds to shut off the movie if you’re already freaking out, before you start seeing things that maybe you don’t want to see."

He continued: "Apologies to those who are already posting about how the movie has freaked them out but fair warning to those of you who are still contemplating watching the film."

Are the photos in Megan Is Missing real? Is it based on a true story?

No, Megan is Missing is not real. The use of "found footage" and the similarities to real-life child abduction cases make the movie seem rather realistic but it's not actually based on a true story. All the photos and footage are the work of actors.