The Memes About Kylie Jenner's Baby Name Reveal Are Already Out Of Control

7 February 2018, 15:49

Kylie Jenner Stormi Webster Memes
Picture: @KylieJenner / Instagram
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Swatches?! Already? Stormi is coming for that cosmetic line crown.

Well, we didn't have to wait long for that, did we? While we were all starting conspiracies about the name of Kylie Jenner's baby, she quietly took to Instagram yesterday to reveal the first name and last name of her newborn daughter on Instagram with a simple picture and one word caption to her 103m followers. The baby's name is Stormi and the adorable picture has now become the most liked Instagram picture of all time with over 13m likes.

It wasn't until later that Kylie updated the picture's caption with Stormi's official surname, which, by the way, is Webster, not Scott or Jenner. (Travis Scott is not actually his real name. His real name is Jacques Webster.)

It took less than a minute for the internet to react to the big name reveal and within seconds, memes were coming in thick and fast. And everyone ended up making the exact same jokes...


First came the jokes about how everyone was dead set on her being called Mariposa.

Then came the jokes about British Grime musician Stormzy.

And then there were the inevitable gags about the weather.

And um, did no one tell Kylie about what's been happening in the news with porn star Stormy Daniels recently?

When you discover than Stormi's surname is actually Webster and not Scott or Jenner...

People are starting to photoshop swatches on to Stormi's tiny baby arm.

We honestly thought we, as a species, had it in the bag.

Memes and jokes aside, Stormi is cute as hell. And if Kylie can live through a 9 month social media blackout, come back with a baby and break the record for most Instagram likes on one picture, then so can we. An inspiration to us all.

Long live Stormi Webster. 💕

stormi webster 👼🏽

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