Inside James Charles' new luxury $7 million mansion

26 August 2020, 15:25

James Charles teases upcoming house tour and 20 million subscriber special

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

There's even a Coke cellar to hold all of James' bottles of fizz.

Ok, we have to admit, when it comes to celebrity homes we're all pretty nosey, right? When Kim Kardashian showed everyone her gravity-defying sink and gigantic fridge, the internet went into meltdown. Meanwhile, Jeffree Star's move away from the infamous pink vault into a $14.6 million Hidden Hills abode had us at the edge of our seats. Well, now James Charles has showed off his new home after month of renovations.

At just 21, James has bought a four bedroom mansion in Los Angeles and it's actually incredible. The YouTuber actually purchased the property in November 2019 for $7 million and spent nine months completing the renovations.

James, who enlisted the help of LeClair Decor to design his home, completely gutted the place, cutting down the original six bedrooms for some much-needed wardrobe and fitting room/TikTok creation space (what every Gen-Zer needs, tbh), converting the basement into a Sisters paradise, and completely ripping out the staircase. The hard labour was all worth it in the end, though, as he showed off his pad on his YouTube channel.

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James Charles' kitchen
James Charles' kitchen. Picture: James Charles via YouTube
James Charles' living room
James Charles' living room. Picture: James Charles via YouTube

Downstairs features a formal living room complete with marble fireplace and a huge Yamaha grand piano, a barely-used formal dining room, super glam kitchen with TWO islands, a beachy vibe guest bedroom, office and an informal living room with a cloud-like sofa. James stuck to neutral tones throughout his home and adorned his walls with his own photography taken during a trip to South Africa.

Upstairs there's lots of mirrors, a laundry room with two washing machines and dryers, two bedrooms with en-suites for James' righthand men Louis Gargiula and Trevor Garcia, and of course James' master bedroom.

James' room is super bright and airy with a gigantic four-poster bed and mini fridge in it leading onto a patio area. He also has a massive ensuite that is probably the size of most people's apartments. He even has two master closets – one for casual outfits and one for his more glam Coachella fits. Who knew ass-less chaps took up so much room?

James Charles' bedroom
James Charles' bedroom. Picture: James Charles via YouTube

Outside, the garden has a swimming pool, hot tub, in-built trampoline and a basketball hoop. There's also that mysterious basement, which James dubbed "Sisters HQ". Sadly, we won't be able to see what's lurking down there or in the garden just yet. James announced that there would be second part of the tour coming soon, which will give delve into the details of the garden and the entire converted basement.

Watch James' full house tour here.

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