You can be an influencer's PA for $30 an hour but the list of requirements is wild

3 August 2020, 14:53

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Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

A job ad has been posted on Entertainment Careers for a "PA to a well-known influencer/celebrity with 10 million+ followers" – but there's a catch in the requirements for the role.

We're all obsessed with the lives of influencers and celebrities – whether it be tours of their homes, a look inside their closets, or their extensive collections of expensive items that we could only dream of owning. But, for one lucky person, that dream could be within reach, because a job has been advertised for a personal assistant, and it pays $30 an hour.

The vacancy, which was originally posted to Entertainment Careers, was advertising for a "PA to a well-known influencer/celebrity with 10 million+ followers" – sounds exciting right? However, fans have noticed some pretty bizarre requirements in the description that have ruled out most of us and the listing is going viral for all of the wrong reasons.

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The $30 an hour job has annoyed internet users.
The $30 an hour job has annoyed internet users. Picture: Getty/E!

The ad, which was reposted to Twitter, seems pretty normal at first, explaining the responsibilities of the job would be organising the schedule of the celebrity in question, being a line of communication with people they're working with and general admin tasks. For $30 an hour? We're sold.

But, it's when you get to the list of mandatory requirements that the red flags start to show.

Take a look for yourself...

The list states that applicants must live within an hour of Los Angeles and have a car so they can "take the client anywhere at any time". In return for your hard work, you'll also be expected to take "minimal days off" and wake the client each morning with a coffee and their schedule, once COVID-19 is over, of course.

Have emotions? This one's probably not for you. You'll need to "keep private life matters completely away from this world" and "be the bad guy" without feeling a single thing. If you enjoy a drink, it's also off the cards, because you need to live sober, but remain social to keep up with the client's high profile friends.

You'll also be responsible for packing and unpacking their bags, should "generally expect to be with the client all of the time" (despite the promise of flexible working hours) and take ownership of analysing the person's social media channels.

Jokes aside, given the demands of the role for such a high-profile person, there's no surprise that people are really not happy, and even want to get to the bottom of who's behind it.

Since the tweet, which now has over 12,000 likes, went viral the ad has been taken down, but people are still placing their bets on who it could be.

While we'll probably never get to the bottom of the albeit-embarrassing advert, we do know that the secretive client in question is an LA-based YouTuber with 10million+ followers on social media. We'll let you do the digging.

Who's signing up?

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