The best memes from Drag Race UK Vs The World episode 2 which will leave you howling

9 February 2022, 17:06

Michelle Visage reveals how Drag Race fans can watch the third UK series around the world

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

All hail Queen Jimbo.

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Drag Race UK Vs The World returned to BBC Three for its second episode on Tuesday night (Feb 8) and it was just as chaotic as you can imagine.

Janey Jacké awkwardly found out that Jimbo put her name on the lipstick of death, Blu Hydrangea opened up about their gender identity, and the legendary Ball challenge returned (much to Baga Chipz and Cheryl Cole's disappointment because they STILL couldn't sew).

But everyone knows that the real entertainment is the hilarious memes. So, we've collected all the best one's the internet has to offer.

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The best memes from Drag Race UK Vs The World episode 2

The best memes from Drag Race UK vs The World
The best memes from Drag Race UK vs The World. Picture: BBC, Yahoo

Have you ever seen Baga Chipz and Demi Lovato in the same room?


It's Jimbo's world and we're just living in it.

She is the moment.

We need to talk about that remix...

Please, no.

Pangina Heals gets hotter each week.

I would risk it all for Pangina Heals.

Petition for Daisy May Cooper to be a full time judge.

She was born for this.

This is a Blu Hydrangea stan account.

SAFE?!? I don't think.

Still not over Lemon's elimination tbh.


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