Drag Race UK: Ginny Lemon's exit becomes a hilarious meme

8 February 2021, 23:59

Drag Race UK's Bimini and Ginny Lemon open up about being non-binary

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Ginny Lemon has firmly cemented her position in the Drag Race UK herstory books.

RuPaul's Drag Race UK just keeps delivering the drama week after week. Thursday night's (Feb 4) episode saw the queens host Morning Glory, their own daytime television show, with help from Scottish TV presenter and guest judge Lorraine Kelly. The queens then took to the runway for a Monster Mashup themed extravaganza.

Sadly, Ginny Lemon become the fourth queen to sashay away after finding herself locked in a lip-sync battle against her BFF Sister Sister. And boy, was it dramatic.

Instead of dancing in the lip-sync, Ginny simply blew a kiss and walked right off the stage, much to the shock of all the other queens and viewers. Sister Sister didn't seem to notice, though, continuing her performance and whipping her blue ponytail across the stage to Kim Wilde's 'Keep Me Hangin' On'.

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Ginny Lemon's dramatic exit from Drag Race UK has become a hilarious meme
Ginny Lemon's dramatic exit from Drag Race UK has become a hilarious meme. Picture: BBC

"I was up against my Sister and I just couldn't. I love her too much," Ginny said. "I'm ready to go home babs, I'm knackered. I would have regretted it if I had tried to fight against something I didn't want to fight against. I don't think I've tapped out of the competition. I did it for me."

Ginny's dramatic exit from the competition was a shocker, but it was also the making of a hilarious meme.

Ginny really said: "Get that fire exit door, I'm off."

She's knackered, babs.

Honestly. Ginny is the moment.

The Ginny Lemon Exit is now a thing.

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The judges were all shook.

Michelle Visage providing the expert commentary.

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