The 'cereal challenge' is going viral on TikTok and we have questions

17 January 2020, 16:23

Would you attempt the 'cereal challenge'?
Would you attempt the 'cereal challenge'? Picture: TikTok: @bretmanrock
Rachel Finn

By Rachel Finn

Welcome to the internet in 2020.

What did people do before TikTok? Every day there’s seemingly a weird new TikTok challenge to try but honestly this must be one of the weirdest so far.

We’ve had the chair challenge, the piercing challenge and the lip challenge. Now, people are eating cereal out of their friend’s mouths - or at least they’re trying to - as part of the app’s new so-called ‘cereal challenge’.

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To complete the challenge, you must successfully pour cereal and milk into someone’s mouth and then eat it with a spoon. It might sound easy enough but plenty of people are finding it’s more difficult than they hoped - with hilarious results.

Even Bretman Rock got involved, attempting to win the challenge with his sister... and, well, failing spectacularly.

Other TikTok-ers attempting the challenge found themselves giggling uncontrollably or having the milk spill out of their mouths.

Meanwhile, others took the task one step further, with one trying to complete the challenge with his dog and another whipping up a chocolate milkshake in his friend's mouth. Gross.

Cereal Funny Challenge | Eating Cereal Out Of A Mouth | #cerealchallenge #mouthbowl

Obviously this produces many questions… mostly being 1) is this hygienic? and 2) is this safe?

Imagine. What a way to go. A dramatic death drowning and choking on almond milk and cheerios in a bid to become TikTok famous.

Anyway, we think it’s about time we all logged off now.

H/T Buzzfeed