Youth Re-Offending Down 75%

After getting in trouble with the police 16 year old Sam says he's now behaving, and looking to the future.

Last year 131 young people across Leicestershire took part in the Groupwork programme and of those that completed it, over 3 quarters did not re offened for a year after tge completion of the group.

16 year old Sam has recently completed the project - he told Capital it's changed him "when you're with your mates, they tell you to do stuff, and you do it to make yourself look big - I've learnt that you've got the opportunity to back down and go away, and not listen to your mates if they give you bad ideas".

A young offenders project based in Leicester is up for a national award. The Police and Leicestershire Youth Offending Service (YOS) which is run by the County Council, are in the shortlist to recieve an award for the project which is designed to stop young offenders from re-offending.The project covers things from victim awareness to car crime.

The "Groupwork Project" is just one of 3 schemes in the country that has been shorlisted for the young people category of the Howard League Community Programme Awards. The award recognises projects within a community that have a proven record in reducing offending in the area.

Detective Inspector Mark Cuddihy said "The reductions in offending rates which have been achieved serve to benefit all people in our local communities."

The project is vital because it encourages young offenders to actually address what crimes they have comitted and how it effects others.