Worlds First Domestic Violence App

27 June 2011, 06:37 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

An East Midlands group has developed the world's first smartphone app to help teenage victims of domestic violence.

It's been made by Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum (NDVF), Project Manager Alison Thomas told Capital how they came up with the idea:

"We aim to reduce the individual and collective impact and costs of domestic abuse and sexual violence. One approach NDVF uses to achieve this aim is to work with young people to raise awareness about what domestic violence is and to promote healthy relationships.

"Following consultation with young people about how they accessed information it was established that the vast majority of young people had access to a phone or an iPod and that they preferred to access information instantaneously.

"An iPhone App about relationships for young people did not exist. Therefore, to try to ensure information about domestic violence is accessed by young people, it was important for NDVF to address this."

Here are the stats:

 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives
 1 in 6 teenage girls have been hit by their partners
 16-19 year old woman are most vulnerable to domestic violence

The Respect not Fear iPhone App, includes games and information about support services, it's free to download. The App also encourages young people to access the website for additional facts. At the moment there is no method of how to hide the App from partners, but NDVF told Capital there is advice online about how to keep belongings safe, and that there are designing safety features.

In addition to developing resources, NDVF also uses creative methods to encourage young people to appreciate what they deserve from a relationship. The Beckhampton Centre is an education provision for young mums and young mums to be.  It was these young women who designed all the art work for the new App.