Weapons Amnesty - 286 handed in.

Police say Derby will be safer following amnesty.

Capital's been told the murder of a soldier in Woolwich a fortnight ago may have encouraged MORE people to hand in their weapons during last month's amnesty in Derby. 

Two weeks in - 60 had been left in special bins - but at the end of May that had gone upto 286 - including knives, a crossbow, swords, machetes and 12 real guns.

Chief Inspector Steve Pont added: “I'm very pleased that people have responded so well to the amnesty and taken the opportunity to hand their weapons in and it's reassuring that members of the community felt confident enough to come forward and hand in guns, knives and other items in such large numbers.

"The message we are now sending to criminals is clear. You had the opportunity to hand in your weapons, no questions asked. Anyone now caught with a weapon on them will be dealt with severely.”

Councillor Ranjit Banwait, Chair of the Ending Gang and Youth Violence Partnership and Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Streetpride at Derby City Council said: “The last weapons amnesty I instigated in 2009 helped remove from circulation a significant number of weapons that could have fallen into the wrong hands. Since coming to power in May 2012 it is important that this administration takes the lead in making the streets of Derby as safe as possible for Derby residents by working in partnership with police, ward councillors and community leaders.