Wanted:UK Criminals Thought To Be In Holland

This is the second appeal to bring home offenders who've gone to Holland - three men still not been returned from first appeal.

Police have appealed for help to track down a total of nine criminals wanted in the UK who are thought to be on the run in Holland.

The men, who are all accused of serious crimes relating to drug smuggling, are believed to be living in and around Amsterdam.

They include Mark McKenna, 41, from Liverpool (pictured), who absconded from Sudbury open prison in Derbyshire in 2008 while serving a 15-year sentence for conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

It is the second appeal issued by Crimestoppers and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) as part of Operation Return, which aims to trace offenders who have fled to Holland - there are three outstanding men who have not yet been brought back to the UK following an earlier appeal.

Dave Cording, Crimestoppers' deputy chief executive, said: ``Not only is the campaign successful in tracking people wanted for serious offences, but it displaces them as well. As we can see, no matter where these wanted individuals run to, law enforcement will find them.

``I hope this further reinforces to fugitives that you can run, but can't hide forever.''

Frank Francis, from Soca's international department, added: ``We know this level of attention has a significant impact on criminals, and is a vital part of our work to make the Netherlands a hostile place for UK fugitives.

``I encourage every member of the public to look out for these fugitives and pass any information on their whereabouts to Crimestoppers. These are clearly people you do not want living in your community.''