Unemployment Course - Cancelled?

A FREE course to make young people more employable in Melton could be cancelled for good.

A FREE course giving jobless young people more skills and making them more employable could be cancelled permanently in Melton - because not enough people are interested in signing up.

That's despite record levels of youth unemployment there - a recent survey from the Princes Trust shows the number of young people (aged 16-24) in Melton on jobseekers is 17 times higher now, than it was 4 years ago.

The course - run with Leicestershire Fire Service - helps young people work on their CV's, improve their confidence, employability and helps prepare them for job applications and interviews.

19 year old Tom started on the course but it had to be cancelled earlier this month because too few other people had signed up. He told Capital that even the initial few days he'd spent on it had given him a real confidence boost.

It's hoped more people will sign up so the course can re-start next month - but if they don't get enough people on it - then it will be cancelled in the town permanently.