Uncovering Hate Crime

The most wide-ranging survey of hate-crime victims ever done in Britain is being launched this month in Leicester by a specialist research tream based at the University of Leicester.

The project is expected to take two years to complete and is designed to examine the nature and impact of hate crime and victims' expectations of the criminal justice system and other agencies, like the police. 

Researchers want to hear from a wide-range of people, which might include those who have been victimised because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability and gender, as well as those who belong to the kinds of more marginalised groups which are often overlooked within hate crime research, such as Gypsies and Travellers, asylum seekers, refugees, the homeless and those belonging to alternative subcultures, to name just several examples. 

Dr Neil Chakraborti, the project's Principal Investigator, said: "This survey will help us to uncover a range of victim experiences never previously documented. We want to capture the experiences of anyone, from any background, who feels that they have been victimised specifically because of who they are." If you have been a victim of hate-crime and would like to share your experiences with the research team there are several ways to get in touch with them. 

To download a copy of the hate-crime survey click here 

Contact details: Website: www.le.ac.uk/leicesterhatecrimeproject Twitter: @HateCrime_Leics Facebook: www.facebook.com/LeicesterHateCrimeProject