Smartphones Are Addictive

9 March 2015, 06:33 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

It's official, smartphones are addictive.

Researchers at Derby Uni have found smartphones are addictive and should come with a health warning.

The very first study of its kind in the UK shows spending 3-and-a-half hours on your phone a day is close to addition and you're more likely to get hooked the more vain you are.

Dr Zaheer Hussain, who lead the research, has told Capital addiction can get so bad, users get withdrawal symptoms if they can't get on their phone:

'You can get irritable or moody if you're away from your phone.

'You can get worried that you're going to miss something if you're not connected to you Facebook, or Twitter or Instagram.

'A significant positive relationship was found between narcissism and addiction to the phones, suggesting that the more narcissistic a person is, the more likely they are to be addicted to their smartphone.'

People in Nottingham have told Capital they are addicted to their phones, listen below.

Health Warning

Dr Zaheer Hussain and his team think smarphones and online apps should come with an official health warning telling buyers they're addictive:

'When a person downloads it [a web app] onto their phone , mayne there should be a message there to make sure people are using their apps in moderation.

'We all have a responsibility, not just web developers.

'Using a particular app can cause an addiction and can conflict with many daily activities.'