Shepshed Family Inquest

8 November 2011, 12:47 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

The husband of a woman who killed herself and their two children says he misses them very much and thinks about them constantly.

The coroner ruled that Claudia Oakes-Green died at her own hands and recorded a death of unlawful killing for both 13-year-old Thomas Oakes-Green and Eleanor Oakes-Green, aged nine.

Their bodies were found at their detached house in Garendon Road in Shepshed, Leicestershire, on February 23.

'Think About Them Constantly'

Iain Oakes-Green, husband of Claudia and father to Thomas and Eleanor, said:

"As you will appreciate, this has been a very difficult time and I continue to face and attempt to deal with the effect that this tragedy has had on my life.

"I love and miss Claudia, Thomas and Eleanor very much and think about them constantly.

"I'd like to thank my family, friends and colleagues who have been incredibly supportive; I wouldn't have been able to cope without them.  Of all the agencies that have helped me so far, I especially want to thank the charity Victim Support, Assist Trauma Care and the Police, in particular my Family Liaison Officers.

"I now ask to be left to grieve and to attempt to come to terms with my loss in private."


'Wonderful and Loving Mother'

Claudia's mother Betty Oakes and brother Jonathan Oakes said:

"Claudia was a wonderful and loving mother, who became ill in a way that nobody was able to foresee. In Eleanor and Thomas, she, along with Iain, raised two beautiful children.

"Throughout their time together Iain was a loyal and devoted husband and father. Claudia, Thomas and Eleanor were deeply loved by us all, and they will be forever missed by us all.

"We would like to thank all the individuals and agencies who have supported us throughout recent events. We are especially grateful to Leicestershire Constabulary, and for the support given to us by our Family Liaison Officers."