Sex Attacker Jailed Indefinitely

Shaun Tudor admits attempted rape of schoolboy in Nottinghamshire Woods.

Today a judge told him he'll almost certainly spend the rest of his life behind bars.

43 year old Tudor pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing.

Detective Inspector Caroline Racher said: "Tudor committed an appalling offence against a young child and the sentence he has been given today reflects the gravity of his crime.

"His offence has had a terrible impact, on a young boy, his family, and on the wider community of Rainworth and Mansfield.

"The circumstances surrounding Tudor's crime understandably caused his victim, the victim's family, and the local community, to share a sense of outrage and deep concern. We share those concerns, and have been working on a daily basis with the management at St Andrews [a hospital in Mansfield where Tudor had been living prior to the offence] to ensure that there can be no such repetition of such a terrible incident.

"Public safety must not be compromised and Nottinghamshire Police is doing all it can to ensure that this is a principle to which all partner agencies utterly subscribe.

"Tudor was arrested a few hours after the crime took place, despite his wilful efforts to evade detection.

"The fact that it was two constables who had actually finished their shift and were heading home who located and arrested Tudor exemplifies the dedication of our officers to the task of finding Tudor that night and arresting him.

"I have the deepest sympathies for the young boy and his family, to whom we have tried to provide the utmost support.

"I would like to pay particular tribute to the work of our family liaison officers who have supported the family. Their role can easily be overlooked, but no one should underestimate its importance and the skills that are required to carry it out.
"I would also like to thank the community for uniting behind the Police and family and allowing us to deal with the circumstances of this dreadful crime.

"I hope this prison sentence brings some comfort to the young boy, to his family and to the community. A child's innocence and peace of mind has been shattered by the despicable actions of an adult who will now be securely locked away."