School's Back: Capital Study

5 September 2016, 07:37 | Updated: 5 September 2016, 07:42


As thousands of children and teachers go back to school in the East Midlands, a Capital study has found half of parents think four is too young to start school.

Thousands of children born in the summer will start school this morning with some of their new classmates almost a year older than them.

Of the parents we spoke to, 70 per cent told Capital they'd like staggered starts for children born in the summer, so they can delay their school life until Easter.

Mums in Nottingham told Capital:

'I think four is too young because some children go to school and they don't really know what's going on.'

'I think that children are too young when they're four and five, they're still not emotionally ready.'

Other parents Capital spoke to thought the school staring age should span from 5 to 7.

Helen Simmons is a senior lecturer in early years education at Derby Uni and told Capital starting school too early can have a lasting impact:

'The research does suggest that children who are born later in the year do have lower educational attainments and I think the implications there are to confidence and self esteem.'

The Department for Education's told Capital they're worried mums and dads feel forced into sending children to school before they are ready and they are proposing to amend the School Admissions Code.