Safe Sex Viral Tops Half A Million Hits

20 December 2011, 14:25 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A viral video encouraging young sexually active people to use a condom has had more than half a million web hits.

 The popular ''Game On" video was uploaded to You Tube last December by Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership, which includes the County Council, NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland and Connexions Leicestershire, Based on a retro 8-bit platform computer game, the quirky video highlights messages about safe sex.

Although Leicestershire's teenage pregnancy rate is significantly lower than the national average, national statistics traditionally show a peak in unplanned conceptions during December and January. * The video is part of work the partnership has been doing to raise awareness of safe sex messages and reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections among the under-19s, particularly over the festive party season.

Katie Phillips, Teenage Pregnancy Coordinator for Leicestershire, said: "We are thrilled that ?Game On? is continuing to get hits. ''At this time of year we are keen to promote local services to ensure young people know where to go for support and information over the festive period. ''The popularity of ''Game On'' and this year's RISC ** (Real Information Safe Choice) campaign shows that You Tube is a great medium for communicating with young people. ''We wish the young people of Leicestershire a fun and safe Christmas!'' 

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