A Royal Derby Wedding?

As the excitment and rumours of the Royal Wedding continue to grow ahead of the big day, Capital's caught up with a Derby couple who are also tying the knot of the 29th.

Daniel Lindsay is 28 and from Derby and his wife to be is Kelly Meads, 26 and they met at the Megabowl in Sinfin. When Capital first caught up with the couple they were planning on doing the big day on the cheap. But various magazines, and papers also caught wind of the big event and they have managed to get a few fancy freebies thrown in, including discounts on suits and venues and a free honeymoon to Kenya.

So it's two weeks until the big day and we thought we would do a comparison of the two events with what we know so far:

  The Derby Wedding The Royal Wedding

The Venue
Sheppey St Mary's Church

Service at Derby City Centre register office and reception will be at The Waterfall.

Service at Westminster Abbey and reception at Buckingham Palace.

The Transport
Ashley & Cheryl Cole
Friends are pitching in to transport the bride and groom. Horse-drawn Carriage to and from the Abbey.
The Guestlist
Wedding Guests
80 for the Wedding, then up to 200 hundred for reception. Erm.... just the 1,900 people for the Abbey, then 650 for lunch at the Palace, and then that gets whittled down to 300 for the evening.
The Celeb's
Red Carpet
Kelly's sister is coming all the way from Australia for the big day, but if they could have a celeb, Daniel would have Neo, and Kelly wouldn't mind all the Take That lads. Posh and Becks and Elton John are the only CONFIRMED celeb's we know of at the moment.
The Flowers
Wedding Flowers
White Lillies for the bride and little possies for the bridesmaids. Royal brides have a duty to follow tradition and pick flowers that have meaning to them, most of the rumours reckon Kate will have something that will reflect her elegance like Lilies.
The Cake
Cup Cakes
Made by a family friend who is a chef, 3 different layers, including fruit cake, chocolate cake and a classic sponge. Made by Leicestershire baker Fiona Cairns, it's described as a white and cream traditional cake but all the tiers will have a different theme. Prince William has also commissioned an alternative cake made from chocolate biscuits.
The Honeymoon
plane taking off
It was going to be a £9.50 affair from one of the daily papers, but thanks to the publicity they've managed to get a freebie with Kenya Holidays. It's down to a choice/or rumour of three; Seychelles, Kenya and Mustique. All destinations the couple have been to on previous holidays.
The Stag-do
L plate
At time of speaking to Capital this still hadn't taken place, as it was a top secret. But we can rule out Vegas and Spain, as Kelly told us he wouldn't need his passport. Bestman Harry was in-charge and sorted out a country estate for the weekend with 20 close friends.
The Hen-do
Hen Party
A night out in Rotherham with friends and family. Again a low-key do with just a few mates around a friends house.
The First Dance
disco ball
David Gray - This Years Love. Who knows? But the bookies have these as the top three....You're Beautiful by James Blunt, Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith, and Everything I Do by Bryan Adams.

The Winner:
Winners Podium

They won Capital over, and are a lovely couple...plus we do love a buffet. Might be a bit tooo fancy for Capital, but who's doesn't want to dance the Agadoo with Becks?

Don't forget to listen to Capital on the morning of the wedding when we follow Daniel and Kelly on the morning of the big day.