Rock City Evacuated After Flare Is Let Off During Gig

17 November 2018, 07:21 | Updated: 17 November 2018, 09:46

Rock City Google Map image Nottingham

Rock City in Nottingham had to be evacuated after reports of a flare being let off inside.

It happened during a Lil Pump gig on Friday (16th) night.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Police services were called out at around 9:30pm as hundreds of music lovers were told to leave the venue. 


Nottinghamshire Police say they are now investigating the exact details of what the substance was and who is behind it.

Rock City posted on their Facebook and Twitter, saying they think it was pepper spray.


Online, people at the gig described being covered in rashes and excessive coughing.

Alex was among those inside.


Rock City say they cut the show short, to protect the safety of their customers.

Capital has contacted the venue for comment, after questions were made about the venues security.

[Photo credit: Google Maps]