Rise In Reports Of Hate Crime On Railways

Train on tracks

Capital has been told British Transport police are working hard to make people feel safe on trains in the East Midlands.

It follows the release of figures to Capital by BTP, which show there was a 53% rise in reports of hate crime on rail services in the East Midlands from 2013 to 2014.

Officials think the rise is partly down to them making it easier to report abuse - one example being a text service that was brought in, which is believed to have helped encourage victims to come forward.

Across the country British Transport Police were recently set new targets for reducing overall crime. They are the result of a public consultation with passengers who made themselves heard via BTP’s first ever public consultation, as well as through the National Rail Passenger survey.

The 2015/16 national targets for BTP include:

  • Reduce crime by at least 3%
  • Reduce violence against the person offences by at least 10%
  • At least a 78.8% confidence rating for passengers measured by the National Rail Passenger Survey