Richard Whitehead: Double Paralympic Champion

12 September 2016, 05:15


Nottingham's Richard Whitehead is now double Paralympic champion

Rich defended the title he won in London 4 years ago...easily!

He led throughout the 200m in the Olympic Stadium and came in ahead of 14 year old South African Ntando Malango.

The 40 year old Marathon man admitted he was unlikely to go to Tokyo but was aiming for gold at the World Championships in London next summer:

'It's my last 200m in the Paralympic arena. I'd just like to thank everyone who has supported me, the people up late at night. Kids get to bed, you've got school.'

Captain Dave Henson, who lost both in legs in Afghanistan in 2011, got bronze and described how thankful he is to a Paralympic medalist:

'Five and a half years ago I nearly died. Today's date (9/11) is pretty important. I've been through a lot with my friends, and lost a lot along the way so this is a big day.'