Police Tweet Crackdown on Crime

People living in Leicester have this morning (Wednesday) been able to follow a live police operation on Twitter.

Leicestershire Police've been tweeting updates every ten to fifteen minutes as they get information during simultaneous raids across the county.

It's all part of Operation Consequence - a crackdown on stolen goods.

The force told Capital the reason they're using Twitter to relate details of arrests and seizures is so that local people can get a real-time understanding of how a planned policing operation works.

Pictures and video will also be posted on Twitter and YouTube throughout the day to allow people an officer’s eye view of proactive policing.

The Operation is focussed on tackling the handling of stolen goods obtained through crimes such as robbery, theft of and from motor vehicles, burglary and handling of stolen good. The two-day operation, which commenced shortly after 7am saw police visiting nine addresses and searching the properties for evidence of criminal activity.