Police Force On Strike

30 August 2011, 08:41 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Some civilian staff at Nottinghamshire police have begun a 24 hour strike in a row over restructuring and redundancies at the force.

Work ares affected include the control room at police HQ in Sherwood.

Capital has been up there this morning to see what the situation is like and spoke to Assistant Chief Constanble Ian Ackerly.

Capital talks to the police about the strikes.

There could also be a second day of action this Friday, but unions say this has been a last resort and regret having to take it this far.

Rachael Thackery is joing secretary of Unison.

Unison talk to Capital about strike action.

The force said it had received official notice from Unison that its members of police staff were being asked to take part in two days of strike action today and on Friday.

The union was also calling on its members to take part in continuous action short of a strike - ie work to rule - from tomorrow until further notice.

The Nottinghamshire force have told us they've got "contingency" plans in place to deal with the strike.