Notts County Take Drastic Action On Facebook

24 January 2015, 06:26 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Notts County football club's banned the whole of Hungary from posting on its Facebook page after being inundated by fans of their latest signing.

The club signed 24-year-old striker Balint Bajner on Tuesday.

Following his move to Meadow Lane, his army of home support swamped the club's social media site with 4,500 new likes in just 48 hours, and a host of comments on every posting.

When Notts County's social media chiefs posted the fact Bajner was making his club debut on 61 minutes against Doncaster Rovers on Tuesday night, it scored more than 1,000 likes.

Other match postings which did not mention Bajner typically only received likes in double figures.

Jamie Dixon, head of media at Notts County, said the comments were ``in good humour'', but that the growing volume on every new Bajner-related posting meant they had had to act.

"On the day of his signing, we had 1,200 people like our page,'' he said.

"Then when he came on against Doncaster, we had 1,000 likes on that post, and 100 comments.''

Most of the comments say `"No Bajner, no party'', and although the source of the phrase is not entirely clear, club officials say it goes back to the young striker's days in his home country.

Several Bajner-related internet memes were also posted, including a storyboard cartoon in which a man is talked down off a high ledge when his friend remarks the Hungarian striker is on the football field.

Mr Dixon said club media officials been told to "keep an eye out'' for Bajner's followers by his previous club, Ipswich Town, but had not counted on the unprecedented interest.

"It caught us in a bit of a spin, we weren't sure one way or the other what was happening until we started getting hundreds of new likes,'' he said.