New Kit For Wounded Soldiers

6 February 2015, 08:31 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Students in the East Midlands are helping to make new kit for wounded soldiers.

The Textile Department at Nottingham Trent Uni are working with the MOD to develop a breathable sleeve that goes between an amputees limb and the prosthetics, reducing discomfort.

3D Knitting Tech

The group has used 3D knitting technology to produce seamless and breathable sleeves, worn between the residual limb and the artificial limb, which prevent sweat from being trapped in the prosthesis.

Seamlessness is important, as seams in a sleeve can cause discomfort and pressure, meaning the skin can be damaged.

Professor Tilak Dias told

'The first phase of work has been completed, demonstrating the potential for sleeves knitted with smart yarns, which have the required grip, longitudinal stiffness and transverse flexibility, which can be customised for each individual amputee. Further research will be required to optimise parameters prior to commercialisation.'

Defence Backed

The university has shown and pitched the technology to an audience of defence industry experts and private investors at the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) Marketplace.

Head of CDE, Andy Nicholson, said:

'I'm very pleased to see this innovation developed by a university on display today and I'm glad that CDE funding helped Nottingham Trent University develop this important technology.'