'Look After Your Mates At Night'

25 March 2015, 06:13 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Police in Nottingham want us to look after our mates on a night out after two women were sexually assaulted in the city centre at the weekend.

Both women thought they were getting into licensed cabs when they were attacked.

The first women was picked up at 12.05am on Saturday in Greyfriar Gate, the second at about 1.30am on Sunday on Goldsmith Street.

'Drink May Skew Judgement'

Detective Inspector Pete Quinn said:

'In both incidents women thought they were safely travelling home from a night out but that turned out not to be the case.

'Don't get into a taxi that approaches you for business. After a few drinks your judgement may be skewed but it is not worth taking a risk.

'We'd urge people to follow the safety tips below and be responsible for the safety of yourself and others – including if you see someone clearly under the influence of drink, alone, and getting into an unmarked car.'

Detectives have told Capital it's too early to say whether the two assaults are linked.

The team are talking to witnesses and checking CCTV as part of their investigation.