Nottingham Man Jailed Over Hyson Green Attack

27 March 2015, 16:18 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A Nottingham man who put a knife to a woman's throat before dragging her inside her own home's been jailed for three years.

Mukith Miah, who's 33, from Brushfield Street in Bobbersmill pleaded guilty to possessing an offensive weapon and intending to commit a sexual offence through trespass.

The victim arrived back at her Hyson Green home on the morning of the 3rd of Febraury to see him lurking outside.

As she went to put out her bin, he followed her, putting a knife to her throat and dragging her inside the house, closing the door.
Police have told Capital that the victim, fearing for her life, fought him off, hitting him and scratching at his face and biting his finger. He eventually ran out of the house, but not before leaving his bank card at the scene.
Officers arrived and searched the area, where Miah was located and admitted he had discarded a knife in a nearby bin.
PC Katie Nolan, who investigated the attack, said: “The victim showed extreme bravery and courage to fight Miah off, fearing for her life. Despite having a knife held to her neck, she refused to give up her struggle. On arrest Miah told officers that he knew they were there because he had just tried to rape someone, so I believe the victim’s reaction saved her from enduring an even more traumatic experience.
"The sentence reflects the severity of what happened, and when he is eventually released he will have to sign the sex offenders’ register for life."