Drinking Game is Sexual Harassment

21 October 2014, 07:34 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Capital's been told a new drinking game in the East Midlands is actually low level sexual harassment.

The charity Drinkaware says some groups of young men are giving each other points for touching a girl inappropriately on a night out.

Drinkaware and Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership are trying to stop harassment becoming a 'normal' part of a night out.

Romell Moseley is from Drinkaware:

'If a guy was able to grope a girl he gets a point or if he was able to pull, he gets a point.

'This is low level sexual harassment.

'All these inappropriate behaviours of sexually harassment, gyrating behind women in clubs after being told to stop and not taking no for an answer, is essentially a criminal act'.

Romell Moseley from Drinkaware

Notts drinkers talk to Capital about harassment

'You wouldn't sober, you shouldn't drunk'
Drinkaware along with drug and drink charities in Nottingham are now testing a new idea to stop unwanted attention in clubs.

Officials are asking bars to have a member of staff to listen to drinkers who might be made to feel uncomfortable and the idea could go national.

Adverts are also going to be running in cinemas asking drinkers not to do something when they're drunk that they wouldn't do sober.