New Tech For Violence Victims

21 February 2015, 08:43 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A new type of panic button's being given to victims of domestic violence in Derbyshire that lets them call police secretly.

It uses the mobile network so officers know exactly where the victim is even if they're not at home.

The tech will be given to vulnerable people who are identified by police as being at serious risk of harm from domestic abuse or stalking and harassment.

Dial Police In Secret

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles has donated £60k towards the project, with the rest of the funding coming from the government.

Commissioner Charles told Capital:

'There are many vulnerable people living in Derbyshire who face a daily threat of violence or abuse. These discreet devices will increase the safety of high-risk victims and provide some reassurance when they leave their homes that if an attack occurs, the emergency services can be contacted immediately, without their abuser knowing.

'Keeping domestic abuse victims safe is a top priority and this new system will provide survivors with a more efficient and effective response to their calls for help. The device not only offers practical help to its users by ensuring police can attend an incident quickly but it will also help the response officers to gather stronger evidence by arriving at a live scene.'