New Privacy Settings on Facebook

From today users on Facebook will have to approve anything they're tagged in, before it can appear on their profile.

Until now, anyone on Facebook could tag their friends in photos or posts without permission. The social networking site is now upping it's privacy settings giving users more control.

It seems people in Nottingham are relieved these changes are being made. Twenty-five year old Lydia says she's happy she'll be able to stop bad pictures of her being tagged.

"More than not, I look awful, or its a side photo and you can see my massive nose or I look like a whale!"

Facebook said that the ability to approve or reject tags was the number one request from its users. The choice to change who can see their status updates is also now available. A spokewoman for Facebook said that new controls on the site were introduced to make privacy settings easier to use.

``It is simpler and more intuitive, rather than taking several clicks to get to.''

People will be prompted to take a tour walking them through the new features from their homepage when they next log in.