Nearly 3,000 Jobs Created As Part Of Broadmarsh Redevelopment

1 December 2015, 16:13 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Nottingham City Council has revealed plans costing £250million that will see the redevelopment of the Broadmarsh area in the city.

The redevelopments made to the Broadmarsh shopping centre, Nottingham Castle and Skills Hub Scheme hope to boost the local economy by £1.1billion each year.

The city council also told Capital that 2,900 jobs will be created through the Broadmarsh scheme.

Here Councillor Nick McDonald.


Nottingham City Council told Capital about the plans:

"At the centre of the council’s new proposals are plans to redevelop the current Broadmarsh car park and bus station into a 21st century facility. Opportunities will be created for cafes and commercial units on the ground floor, as well as providing 1,150 improved parking spaces on the upper floors, transforming the current layout of the bus station and introducing state-of-the-art public transport information facilities to better serve thousands of bus passengers who use the station each day. 

"Creating a brand new public space on Collin Street linking intu Broadmarsh with the new cafés and other commercial outlets on the ground floor of the car park building, and creating a pedestrian-friendly street.

"This will include high quality paving with landscaping, public art, a water feature and outdoor cafés, transforming it into a safe and attractive space for people to enjoy

"The public space will be capable of hosting major events in the day and night, helping to further boost the city’s reputation for hosting top-class entertainment and activities

"Improving pedestrian approaches from the south with upgraded streets, safer junctions and better pedestrian flows in the area 

"Re-routing traffic currently using Collin Street and Canal Street onto London Road, Queen’s Road, Sheriffs Way and Waterway Street West and moving buses currently stopping at Collin Street onto Canal Street to better connect with the transformed bus station. Relocating the car park’s vehicle entrance / exit to Middle Hill."