More Rape Victims Turn To Charity Than Police

A Capital investigation has found twice as many people are reporting rape cases to a Derbyshire charity than to the police.

Almost 4 hundred people in Derbyshire told officers they'd been attacked in 2014 but double that went to the charity SV2 for help.


129 of the cases in Derbyshire were reported by 16 to 24-year-olds, 53 ended with a charge.

26-year-old 'Ruth' was raped, the man who attacked her has been jailed for 10 years but told Capital it was difficult to talk about.

Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire

In Nottinghamshire, 571 rapes where reported to police last year a rise of 200 since 2013. 

Police have told Capital they're pleased more people are talking to them and think about 1 in 5 victims come forward.

77 of the rapes reported in Nottinghamshire last year were by people who classed themselves as students, 152 were aged between 16 and 24.

In Leicestershire, 417 rapes where reported but 369, around 90%, are unsolved.

Police have told Capital they have a very experienced team in Leicestershire help rape victims and want people to report attacks.

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Need Advice? Tonight Derbyshire Police are working with SV2 to offer victims the chance to talk and get help.

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- The charity also has a 24 hour advice line: 01773 74 61 15.

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