Mansfield Couple Guilty of Murdering Parents

20 June 2014, 12:44 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Susan and Christopher Edwards have been found guilty of murdering her parents and burying them in their own back garden.

Susan Edwards shot Patricia and William Wycherley twice at close range before she and her husband hid their bodies in the back garden of their home in Blenheim Close, Mansfield.

The Edwards then carried out a 15-year-long deception, pretending to neighbours and the authorities that they were still alive.

Capital's Anna Tyler talks to DCI Rob Griffin

Double Life

They sent Christmas cards, forged signatures and set up timers in the house where Susan's parents had lived to keep up the pretence for a decade and a half.

The Wycherley's bank accounts were closed and a new one set up which allowed the couple to syphon nearly £250,000 from her parents, from state benefits payments, pensions and the eventual selling of their home.

The couple were only discovered after a group tried to get in touch with Mr Wycherley, at the point he would have turned 100, prompting them to flee to France.

The police dug up the back garden after Christopher Edwards contacted his stepmother to ask for help and she informed on them.