Man Unlawfully Killed

Inquest into death of Notts man on Boxing Day last year concludes.

An inquest has found a man who died after being attacked outside his Nottinghamshire home on Boxing day last year was unlawfully killed.

70 year old Harry Tindall died in Rainworth - his next door neighbour Jeffrey Burton was charged with murder - but died from a terminal illness before the case came to court.

The coroner said Burton had carried out a sustained and brutal attack against the victim. 

Mr Tindall's wife Kathleen Turner, 71, and his step-daughter Amanda Richards, 45, have today spoken of their loss. 

"Ray was a kind, good humoured family man who would not hurt a fly. His death has devastated the entire family and we are distraught to have lost him in such a violent and cruel way. We do not feel like we have achieved justice today and that we've been cheated because the person responsible for Ray's death has not had to stand up in court and answer for what they did.

His step-daughter Amanda Richards was with him when he died. 

"We had always had a very close relationship and I loved him like a father. I am devastated by his death and witnessing him being so brutally attacked is something I will never be able to forget. We are still struggling to come to terms with the enormous sense of loss we continue to feel. Ray was just starting to recover from prostate cancer when he was killed and was looking forward to the future. He was a gentle and caring person and his death has left a massive hole in our lives, which has been made worse since the person responsible for his brutal death will not have to pay for what they did."