Man Jailed For Shooting New Dad

32 years for man who murdered Nottingham dad in broad daylight in the street.

A man who shot a former supermarket worker in the middle of the day in Nottingham last November has been jailed for 32 years. 

32 year old Damian Fogo had demanded £10,000 pounds from Germaine Edwards - who'd recently been made redundant.

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Heydon, who led the enquiry, said:

"This was a despicable, senseless crime which took the life of a young father. 

Investigations into shootings are sometimes difficult because of the reluctance of witnesses to come forward. Thankfully, we had witnesses who gave us significant information and were then prepared to come to court and give evidence. 

In addition I am aware that several members of the public tried in vain to save Mr Edwards' life. I want to thank them on behalf of Germaine's family and Nottinghamshire Police. 

Fogo is a dangerous man who has been involved in violent crimes for many years. Nottingham is a safer place without him. It is significant that no friends or family turned up to support him in court. 

His parents left the country rather than see him in the dock. Now he will spend the next 32 years alone"

Mr Edwards had recently become a father. He was, until the Friday before his death, a manager at the Cooperative store in St Ann?s, Nottingham. 

His partner Ashli Watson said: 

"Without Germaine I feel lost. He was my soul mate and I feel I have lost half of myself with no way of getting it back. Without Germaine I have been forced to raise our daughter alone. This is not the way things should have been. She and I will never get to speak with him or laugh together as a family should. Germaine was such an amazing man with a good heart. Everyone that knew him loved him. I won't ever be able to accept that he is gone.